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A Preview of this weekends fixtures

Saturday 30th September 2023 Fixtures Preview

As the weekend approaches, the excitement in the CHARS Youth FC community is palpable, with a lineup of thrilling fixtures awaiting our young talents. Chairman Joe Westmacott and Technical Director Steve Halls share their initial thoughts on the upcoming matches, along with insights from the coaching staff.

FAE Youth FC U7 Lions vs. CHARS Youth U7 Yellows

Chairman Joe Westmacott notes, "Our U7 Yellows are always a joy to watch as they continue to develop their skills. Facing FAE Youth FC's U7 Lions will be a great test for them. The emphasis here is on enjoyment and learning."

Coach Louis Hudson adds, "These young players are like sponges, absorbing everything we teach them. It's about building their passion for the game and instilling a love for football that will stay with them throughout their journey."

CHARS Youth U8 Blues vs. Nazeing Youth U8 Yellows

Coach Charlie Johns emphasises, "Our U8 Blues are brimming with potential. Nazeing Youth's U8 Yellows will be a competitive opponent. Our focus is on teamwork and encouraging creative play."

CHARS Youth U9 Yellows vs. Stevenage Borough Juniors U9 Barca

Head Coach Daniel McMullins comments, "This promises to be an exciting clash. Our U9 Yellows have been working hard, and we expect a great performance. Assistant Manager Dean Rufai and Attacking Coach Gabriel will be working closely with the team to ensure we showcase our best."

Langley Colts Y U9 Trojans vs. CHARS Youth U9 Blues

Coaches Joe Cappalonga and Charlie Pritchard are optimistic about the U9 Blues' prospects. "The Trojans will be formidable opponents, but our young talents are well-prepared. It's all about putting our training into practice and enjoying the game."

CHARS Youth U10 Blues vs. Cheshunt Youth U10 Blacks

Chairman Joe Westmacott notes, "The U10 Blues have been making excellent progress. Facing Cheshunt Youth's U10 Blacks will be a valuable experience. The focus is on applying what they've learned on the pitch."

CHARS Youth U10 Yellows vs. Bocas Jogabonito Y U10 Lions

Coach Ryan Thorne shares his excitement, saying, "Our U10 Yellows have a real appetite for the game. Bocas Jogabonito's U10 Lions will provide a challenging matchup. We'll be aiming for a dynamic, attacking display."

CHARS Youth U10 Greens vs. BSC FC Youth U10 Rangers

Coaches James Needs, John Sewell, and Anthony Michael are ready for the challenge. "The U10 Greens have shown great teamwork. We're looking forward to a competitive game, emphasising strategy and smart play."

CHARS Youth U11 vs. Hoddesdon Town Youth U11 Eagles

Coaches Brett Cartlidge and Mark James are excited about the U11s' growth. "Our boys have been putting in the effort. The Eagles will be strong opponents, but we're focused on playing our style of football and aiming for a positive result."

Sunday 1st October 2023 Fixture Preview

Ware FC Academy U13 Black vs. CHARS Youth U13

Coach Dan, also known as Bubz, anticipates an intense match. "Our U13s have been working hard on their skills and tactics. Facing Ware FC Academy's U13 Black is a significant challenge, but we're ready to give it our all and showcase our progress."

With the passion and dedication of our young players and the guidance of our skilled coaching staff, CHARS Youth FC is poised for an exciting weekend of grassroots football. The club's commitment to player development and enjoyment shines through in every match, setting the stage for memorable performances on the pitch.


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