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A Weekend of Football Excitement: CHARS Youth FC Fixtures Preview

The thrill of weekend football is upon us, and CHARS Youth FC is gearing up for a lineup of exciting matches that promise to be filled with action and enthusiasm. With teams from the U7 Yellows to the U11s, our young talents are eager to showcase their skills on the pitch. We caught up with CHARS Youth FC Chairman, Joe Westmacott, and Technical Director, Steve Halls, to gain some insight into the upcoming fixtures and what this means for the club.

Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 - Match Previews

  • CHARS Youth U7 Yellows vs. Harlow Tekkers U7 Foxes: The youngest members of our club are taking on Harlow Tekkers U7 Foxes. Chairman Joe Westmacott emphasised the importance of fostering a love for the game at this age. "Our U7s represent the future of CHARS Youth FC. It's not about winning or losing but creating a positive experience for these young players," Joe said.

  • Wormley Rovers Youth U8 Whites vs. CHARS Youth U8 Blues: In the U8 category, our Blues are facing Wormley Rovers Youth U8 Whites. Technical Director Steve Halls highlighted the importance of teamwork and skill development at this stage. "Our U8s have been working hard in training, focusing on improving their technique and understanding of the game. We hope to see that translate onto the field," Steve noted.

  • CHARS Youth U9 Blues vs. Potters Bar Crusaders Youth U9 Blues: The U9 Blues are set for a challenging match against Potters Bar Crusaders Youth U9 Blues. Joe Westmacott emphasised the values of sportsmanship and camaraderie. "Our young players are learning valuable life skills, like teamwork and respect for their opponents. That's what grassroots football is all about," he said.

  • Harlow Town Youth U9 Hawks vs. CHARS Youth U9 Yellows: The U9 Yellows face Harlow Town Youth U9 Hawks in a match that promises excitement. Steve Halls talked about the importance of individual development. "Each player progresses at their own pace. Our role is to provide a nurturing environment for them to grow both as footballers and as individuals," Steve added.

  • Potters Bar United Youth U10 Blacks vs. CHARS Youth U10 Blues: The U10 Blues are gearing up for an exciting clash against Potters Bar United Youth U10 Blacks. Joe Westmacott highlighted the competitive spirit in the club. "Our U10s are driven by their passion for the game. They're determined to showcase their skills and make the club proud," Joe commented.

  • Hoddesdon Town Youth U10 Whites vs. CHARS Youth U10 Yellows: The U10 Yellows are ready to face Hoddesdon Town Youth U10 Whites. Technical Director Steve Halls underlined the importance of adaptability. "Football is unpredictable. Our players are learning to adapt to different game situations and make the right decisions on the field," Steve explained.

  • Panshanger U10 Tigers vs. CHARS Youth U10 Greens: CHARS Youth U10 Greens are set for a thrilling encounter against Panshanger U10 Tigers. Joe Westmacott highlighted the club's commitment to inclusivity. "Our Greens represent the diverse talents we have at CHARS Youth FC. We celebrate every player's unique journey," Joe stated.

  • Ware Youth U11 Reds vs. CHARS Youth U11: The U11s are facing a challenging fixture against Ware Youth U11 Reds. Steve Halls discussed the importance of setting high standards. "Our U11s are learning that hard work and dedication can lead to success. We want them to strive for excellence on and off the field," Steve emphasised.

As CHARS Youth FC gears up for an action-packed weekend of football, it's clear that the club is more than just about winning matches. It's about nurturing young talents, teaching valuable life skills, and creating a sense of community. Chairman Joe Westmacott and Technical Director Steve Halls' insights remind us that the true essence of grassroots football lies in the journey, the camaraderie, and the lessons learned along the way. We wish all our teams the best of luck in their fixtures, and we can't wait to see their passion and dedication shine on the pitch!

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