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Anthony Michael: Nurturing Young Talents and Inspiring Success at CHARS Youth FC

Anthony Michael, a dedicated coach, has been making waves at CHARS Youth FC with his incredible passion for football and his remarkable coaching skills. Having joined the club in the previous season to manage the U9's, this is Anthony's second season with the under 10 Greens. His journey at the club has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by impressive achievements and an unwavering commitment to the development of young football talents.

In his debut season, Anthony faced a unique challenge – taking charge of a brand-new team, some of whom had never played competitive football before. Undeterred, he quickly moulded this group of budding footballers into a formidable squad. The results spoke for themselves, with the team securing a league promotion and reaching the semi-finals of the cup competition.

Anthony recalled his initial hesitance at coaching the team, "My biggest concern was whether my twin boys, who were already at CHARS, would want me to coach them," Anthony explained. His worries vanished when he asked his sons, and they eagerly supported his decision to take on the role. "How could I say no after that?" Anthony added.

Coaching at CHARS Youth FC has proven to be an incredibly rewarding experience for Anthony. "Helping the boys grow, be successful, and see smiles on their faces is worth all the early starts, the weekly training plans, organising games, and handling administrative tasks," he noted. His dedication to the team's success and the players' development shines through in every aspect of his coaching.

Anthony's own football background plays a significant role in his coaching philosophy. As a youth player, he thrived as a striker and relished the art of scoring goals. "You don't lose the knack of scoring," he confidently stated, referencing his goal in the "Dad's vs. Coaches" match last summer. His belief in the importance of composure and decision-making in front of goal is a cornerstone of his coaching style.

Beyond football, Anthony is a sports enthusiast through and through. While football holds a special place in his heart, he avidly follows various sports and appreciates the analytical aspect that enriches his understanding of the game. "I see my role as a coach to help inspire these boys to do their best and enjoy their football," he affirmed. Anthony recognises the influence coaches have on setting standards and how their behaviour reverberates in the players' conduct on the pitch.

Anthony's love for football extends to his family, including his young daughter. Although she is not yet two years old, she is already showing a passion for the sport and keenly dribbling a football around. "We are a football family," he proudly declared.

Joe Westmacott, the club chairman, commended Anthony's contributions to CHARS Youth FC. "Anthony's dedication and success in nurturing our young talents have been truly remarkable. His commitment to instilling a love for the game and helping these kids develop their skills is invaluable to our club."

Steve Halls, the Technical Director at CHARS Youth FC, also praised Anthony's coaching abilities. "Anthony's coaching style is exceptional. His focus on composure and decision-making on the field aligns perfectly with our club's emphasis on player development."

Mark James, the Club Secretary, echoed the sentiment. "Anthony's impact on our young players goes beyond the field. He instills discipline, teamwork, and a love for the game, which are invaluable life skills."

Working closely with Anthony are James Needs and John Sewell, fellow coaches of the U10 Greens, who have seen firsthand the positive influence he brings to the team. "Anthony's dedication and passion are infectious, both for the players and fellow coaches. We're proud to have him as part of our coaching team," they remarked.

In the world of youth football, coaches like Anthony Michael play a pivotal role in shaping the future stars of the sport. His commitment, passion, and ability to inspire young players make him an invaluable asset to CHARS Youth FC, and his journey at the club promises to be one filled with continued success and memorable moments.


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