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Charlie Johns: A Family Man Turned Grassroots Football Hero

In the world of grassroots football, there are coaches who stand out not just for their coaching abilities but also for their dedication and commitment to their teams and communities. One such coach is Charlie Johns, the man behind the success of CHARS Youth FC U8's. In his second year at the club, Charlie has already made a significant impact, thanks to his dedication to continuous learning, his family-oriented values, and his genuine willingness to help others.

From Rugby to Football

Charlie's journey into grassroots football coaching is a unique one. Unlike many coaches who grew up with a passion for football, Charlie's youth was dominated by another sport – rugby. He represented Cheshunt RFC for several years, showcasing his dedication and sporting prowess on the rugby field.

Embracing the Coaching Path

Charlie's journey into coaching began with the CHARS Youth FC U7's, where he worked alongside Coach Donny. Their dynamic partnership created a nurturing environment for young talents to flourish. Recognising the importance of formal coaching education, Charlie took the initiative to complete his FA Level 1 coaching badge, ensuring that he could provide the best guidance to his young players.

Safety and Well-being

Charlie's commitment to his role as a coach extends beyond the football pitch. He understands the importance of safety and well-being, which is why he diligently obtained first aid and safeguarding certifications. These qualifications underscore his dedication to creating a secure and nurturing environment for every player under his care.

Family Values and Community Spirit

One of the defining aspects of Charlie's character is his strong sense of family values. A dedicated family man, he cherishes the time spent with his loved ones and shares his passion for horses with them. His family's involvement in horse shows is a testament to their unity and shared interests outside of football.

Beyond his family, Charlie's willingness to help others is a cornerstone of his personality. He embodies the spirit of community and collaboration, always extending a hand to support his fellow coaches, parents, and players. His genuine and approachable demeanor makes him a beloved figure both within the club and the broader community.

Charlie Johns may have come to CHARS Youth FC as a newcomer to football, but he has quickly become an indispensable asset to the club. His transition from rugby to football coaching is a testament to his adaptability and willingness to explore new horizons. Charlie's dedication to personal growth, his commitment to safety, and his strong family values exemplify the kind of coach every grassroots football club dreams of having.

As Charlie continues to make his mark in the world of grassroots football, his impact on CHARS Youth FC U8's extends far beyond the pitch. He not only nurtures young talents but also sets an example of how a coach's values and character can inspire and shape the lives of those they coach and the community they serve. Charlie Johns is indeed a grassroots football hero, and his journey is one that inspires us all.


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