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CHARS Youth FC Chairman, Joe Westmacott, Embarks on a Marathon Journey for a Cause Close to His Heart

In a testament to his unwavering dedication and indomitable spirit, Joe Westmacott, Chairman of CHARS Youth FC, is gearing up to conquer the 2024 TSC London Marathon. The decision to take on this monumental challenge was driven not just by the thrill of running but by a heartfelt commitment to make a positive impact.

Joe Westmacott previously ran a marathon a few years ago, an experience he cherished for both the rigorous training and the exhilarating atmosphere on the day. Now, with the same determination that defines his character, he's ready to take on this grueling yet rewarding endeavor once more.

Why the 2024 TSC London Marathon?

This time, Joe has chosen to run for a cause that holds special significance for him—the National Deaf Children's Society. This charity hits close to home as Joe's God Daughter, Ruby, was diagnosed as deaf at a young age. Witnessing Ruby's remarkable journey has been a source of inspiration, proving that deafness is not a hindrance but a unique gift.

Ruby's resilience through multiple operations showcases the strength and resilience inherent in every individual. Joe is committed to running with all his might, not just for the love of the sport, but to contribute meaningfully to a cause that aids children like Ruby in realizing their full potential.

In Joe's own words, "Those that know me know that once I set my mind on something, I will achieve it." His determination is a driving force, and he aims to run as strong and as fast as he can, rallying support and raising crucial funds for the National Deaf Children's Society.

How You Can Support Joe's Marathon Journey: Every step Joe takes on the marathon course represents not only a personal achievement but also a stride towards a brighter future for deaf children. CHARS Youth FC stands firmly behind Joe, encouraging everyone to show their support.

You can contribute to this noble cause by making a donation, no matter how small. Even a couple of pounds can make a significant difference. Your generosity will add to the collective effort of creating opportunities and support systems for children who deserve every chance to succeed.

To donate and be a part of Joe Westmacott's marathon journey, visit this link.

Let's cheer on Joe as he laces up his running shoes, not just for the thrill of the marathon, but to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Best wishes,

Steve Halls



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