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ESF 2024 - The Ultimate UK Football Tour

Dear Heads / Teachers,

CHARS Youth FC will be taking part in ESF2024. You should have received this article via contact from a parent / guardian of a child within your school who will be taking part in this tournament.

We would really appreciate it if you could excuse the child from school on Friday 3rd May 2024 as we need all of our teams to travel down on the morning to get registered ready for the tournament.

With over 1,000 grassroots teams participating, ESF 2024 is the biggest youth football festival in the UK. Since their first festival, way back in 1989, over 1.25 million people have taken part in a weekend of football and fun!

ESF2024 combines a professionally organised junior football tournament, with the very best UK football tour experience available. The ESF 2024 series of football tournaments are staged throughout April and May at Butlin's resorts in Bognor Regis, Minehead and Skegness and Haven's Holiday Park in Ayr, Scotland. The ESF Grand Finale, the champion of champions event, then takes place in June at the home of England's national team, St George's Park.

12,000 young footballers will take part in ESF 2024 and the memories made are sure to last a lifetime so we hope you will consider yourselves very proud to have representatives from your school.

Let's go all in for 2024 and give your players and parents something to really look forward to!

We would really appreciate your support.

Best regards

Steve Halls

Technical Director

CHARS Youth Football Club


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