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Finley Thomson: The Young Goalkeeper with a Big Heart

At CHARS Youth FC, it's not just about scoring goals; it's about displaying the true spirit of teamwork and dedication both on and off the pitch. One young star, Finley Thomson, goalkeeper of the u9 Yellows, is proving just that by going the extra mile—well, 500 meters to be exact—off the pitch to support his team as they prepare for ESF 2024.

A Remarkable Initiative: Swimming for a Cause

Finley Thomson, the talented goalkeeper with lightning-fast reflexes, has taken on a remarkable initiative to raise funds for his team's ESF 2024 campaign. Throughout the month of November, Finley will swim an impressive 500 meters, showcasing not only his prowess on the football pitch but also his determination to make a difference.

Proud Parents: Alex and Chrissy Thomson

Alex and Chrissy Thomson, Finley's parents, couldn't be prouder of their son's endeavor. "We are incredibly proud of Finley," says Alex with a beaming smile. "His commitment to both his team and this fundraising effort is truly inspiring."

Chrissy adds, "Seeing Finley set such a positive example for his teammates is heartwarming. He's not just a talented goalkeeper but also a caring and dedicated young man."

Finley's younger brother Jamie couldn't help but add some light-hearted humour to the mix. "I tried to swim like Finley in the pool once," he chuckles, "but I think I just made a big splash! Finley is my hero."

Support from CHARS u9 Yellows Head Coach Daniel McMullins:

Head Coach Daniel McMullins is thrilled by Finley's initiative. "Finley's determination is a reflection of the kind of character we want to nurture in our young players at CHARS Youth FC," he says. "His commitment to the team, both in football and off the pitch, is commendable."

Chairman Joe Westmacott Applauds the Effort:

Chairman Joe Westmacott also praised Finley's efforts. "Finley embodies the spirit of CHARS Youth FC," Joe remarks. "His dedication to the team, even when he's not defending the goalposts, is a testament to the sense of community and support that defines our club."

ESF 2024: A Premier Youth Football Tournament

ESF (European Sports Festival) is one of Europe's largest youth football festivals, attracting teams from across the continent. ESF 2024 promises to be an exciting event where young talents showcase their skills, build camaraderie, and create memories that last a lifetime. CHARS Youth FC is gearing up for this premier tournament, and Finley's fundraising efforts are a testament to the team's commitment to excellence on and off the pitch.

Finley Thomson's determination to make a positive impact is a testament to the values that CHARS Youth FC instills in its young players. As the u9 Yellows prepare for ESF 2024, they do so not only as a team but as a close-knit family that supports one another in pursuit of their dreams. It's clear that Finley's drive to make a difference is a shining example of the spirit that defines CHARS Youth FC.

Make a Donation

If you'd like to help Finley with his fundraising efforts then you can do so here:-

Account Name: Christine Thomson Account No: 86892797

Sort Code: 52-41-00

Ref: SwimFin


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