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Football Focus: This weekends fixtures

Saturday 14th October - Preview

As the weekend approaches, excitement builds in the local youth football community for a series of highly anticipated matches. Chairman Joe Westmacott is brimming with enthusiasm for these fixtures, emphasizing the importance of sportsmanship and development on and off the pitch.

CHARS Youth U7 Yellows vs. Panshanger U7 Jaguars

For the U7 category, Louis Hudson, the coach for CHARS Youth U7 Yellows, shared his thoughts on the upcoming clash. Hudson spoke of the team's progress and their dedication to learning and having fun while playing the beautiful game.

"We've been working on building a strong foundation of basic skills and teamwork," said Hudson. "The kids are showing tremendous enthusiasm, and I'm confident they'll give their best on Saturday. Win or lose, it's all about their growth and enjoyment."

Panshanger U8 Tigers vs. CHARS Youth U8 Blues

Charlie Johns, coach of the U8 Blues, highlighted the positive atmosphere in his team. "Our focus has been on fostering a love for the sport," Johns explained. "These kids are full of energy and eagerness, and they're developing their skills with every practice. Saturday's game will be a great opportunity to showcase their progress."

Risden Wood Y U9 Colts vs. CHARS Youth U9 Blues

U9 coaches Joe Cappalonga and Charlie Pritchard are gearing up for a challenging match. Cappalonga emphasised the importance of teamwork, saying, "Our boys have been working hard on their chemistry, and we're looking forward to seeing it come to fruition on the pitch."

Pritchard added, "It's not just about winning; it's about teaching these kids valuable life skills through football."

Wormley Rovers Youth U9 Blacks vs. CHARS Youth U9 Yellows

Daniel McMullins, head coach of our u9 Yellows, shared his insights alongside GK coach Dean Rufai and attacking coach Gabriel Allen. McMullins expressed his excitement for the match, saying, "Our boys are ready for this challenge. We've been honing their skills, and they've got a great spirit in the team."

GK coach Rufai added, "We've been working on making our defence rock-solid, and it's paying off. Let's see what our young keepers can do this weekend."

Attacking coach Gabriel Allen mentioned, "Scoring goals is a team effort, and our attackers have been practicing their teamwork and finishing. We're eager to see them in action."

CHARS Youth U10 Blues vs. Hitchin Town Youth U10 Raptors

Chairman Joe Westmacott is also coaching the U10 Blues. He remarked, "Our team has been showing excellent progress, and they've got a strong work ethic. We're looking to put on a good performance and build on our skills as we go."

Chase Side Youth U10 Blue vs. CHARS Youth U10 Yellows

Ryan Thorne, coach of our u10 Blues, is excited for the match. "Our kids are passionate about football," Thorne said. "It's going to be an exciting game against Chase Side, and we're looking forward to a great match."

CHARS Youth U10 Greens vs. Nazeing Youth U10 Yellows

James Needs, John Sewell, and Anthony Michael, the coaching trio for CHARS Youth U10 Greens, are enthusiastic about the development of their team. "We've been working on improving our tactical awareness," Needs stated. "The kids have been absorbing it well, and we're eager to see how they apply it in the game."

CHARS Youth U11 vs. Bengeo Tigers U11 Siberians

Finally, in the U11 category, coaches Brett Cartlidge and Mark James are looking forward to a competitive match. "We've been instilling a sense of discipline and teamwork in our players," Cartlidge shared. "We're expecting an exciting and hard-fought game against Bengeo Tigers U11 Siberians."

Sunday 15th October - Preview

On Sunday, the action continues with a U13 matchup between Ware FC Academy and CHARS Youth U13, and Coach Daniel 'Bubz' Edwards is preparing his team for the challenge. "Our U13s have been training hard, focusing on both individual skills and team cohesion," said Edwards. "We're ready to give our all on Sunday and showcase our progress."

Chairman Joe Westmacott wishes all the teams the best of luck in their respective fixtures and encourages them to play with heart and sportsmanship. "Come On You CHARS (COYC)!" he cheered, emphasising the unity and camaraderie that youth football brings to the community. The weekend promises to be filled with passion, development, and memorable moments on the pitch.

Steve Halls

Technical Director

CHARS Youth Football Club


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