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John Sewell: Shaping the Future of CHARS Youth FC U10 Greens

When it comes to grassroots youth football, dedicated and passionate coaches play an integral role in shaping the future of budding soccer stars. One such coach who has been making a significant impact is John Sewell, who coaches the CHARS Youth FC U10 Greens, alongside James and Anthony. With two years of experience at the club, John's commitment to nurturing young talent and his deep love for the game have made him a cherished asset to the team.

John's journey into coaching began at the young age of sixteen when he started delivering soccer schools in his local community. This early introduction to coaching sparked a passion for helping young players develop their skills and understanding of the beautiful game. Over the years, he honed his coaching abilities, and this expertise shines through in his work with CHARS Youth FC.

What sets John apart is not just his coaching ability but also his personal connection to the team. His son, Stanley, is an active member of CHARS and joined the club last season. This father-son duo shares an immense love for football, making John's involvement with the club even more meaningful. The Sewell family's devotion to the sport is palpable, and it has undoubtedly inspired the young players under John's guidance.

John's own journey in football began as a youth player for Wormley, where he first laced up his boots and fell in love with the game. His dedication and talent on the field were evident from a young age, which eventually led him to Whitewebbs, where he continued to excel. His journey culminated with a place in Whitewebbs' senior first team, showcasing his commitment and skills as a player.

Beyond the football field, John enjoys a diverse set of interests. When he's not busy coaching or supporting his son's football endeavors, he finds solace in the world of golf. The parallels between football and golf, such as precision, technique, and focus, likely contribute to John's well-rounded approach to coaching. His ability to draw on various experiences and passions undoubtedly enriches the training and development of his young players.

John Sewell's dedication to CHARS Youth FC U10 Greens extends far beyond the pitch. He embodies the spirit of grassroots football, where coaches are not just instructors but mentors, role models, and sources of inspiration. His involvement in his son's journey through the ranks of youth football underscores the importance of family and community in sports development.

John Sewell is a shining example of a grassroots youth football coach who has made a lasting impact on the CHARS Youth FC U10 Greens. His two years of dedication, coupled with his own footballing background and passion for the game, make him an invaluable asset to the club. With coaches like John leading the way, the future of youth football looks bright, and the young talents at CHARS are fortunate to have him guiding their early steps in the world of soccer.


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