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Nurturing Midfield Maestros: Tips for Young Talents at CHARS Youth FC

For the young boys at CHARS Youth FC, aspiring to become midfield maestros is a thrilling journey that involves creativity, vision, and a deep understanding of the beautiful game. The midfield is the engine room of any team, where players make things happen and dictate the flow of the match. Here are some valuable tips from professional midfielders, CHARS Youth FC's Technical Director Steve Halls, and CHARS u9 Yellows Head Coach Daniel McMullins to help you become an exceptional midfielder.

1. Master the Basics:

Technical Director Steve Halls emphasises the importance of mastering the fundamentals. "The foundation of midfield play lies in ball control, passing accuracy, and first touch," says Steve. "Work tirelessly on these core skills."

2. Develop Vision and Awareness:

Former Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez stresses the significance of vision and awareness. "Always scan the field and anticipate your options," he advises. "A great midfielder sees the game one step ahead."

3. Passing Prowess:

Ex Liverpool man Jordan Henderson highlights the art of passing. "Work on a range of passes—short, long, through balls, and chips," he says. "A midfielder should be comfortable delivering accurate passes in any situation."

4. Ball Retention:

"Protecting possession is essential," says Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne. "Learn how to shield the ball, make quick decisions, and use your body to shield it from opponents."

5. Defensive Responsibility:

Arsenal's Thomas Partey emphasises the importance of defensive duties. "Don't neglect your defensive responsibilities," he advises. "Tackling, intercepting, and tracking back are crucial for a well-rounded midfielder."

6. Off-the-Ball Movement:

"Smart movement off the ball creates space for yourself and your teammates," explains CHARS u9 Yellows Head Coach Daniel McMullins. "Learn to make well-timed runs and provide passing options."

7. Physical Conditioning:

"Maintain your physical fitness," recommends N'Golo Kanté. "A strong work ethic, stamina, and agility will help you cover the pitch effectively."

8. Mental Toughness:

Technical Director Steve Halls reminds young midfielders of the mental aspect. "Stay composed under pressure, remain focused, and be confident in your abilities. Mental strength is as important as physical skills."

9. Team Player Mentality:

"Remember that football is a team sport," says Manchester United's Bruno Fernandes. "Look for ways to link up with your teammates, create opportunities, and support each other."

10. Learn from the Best:

"Watch and learn from the top midfielders in the world," advises Daniel McMullins. "Study their movements, decision-making, and positional play. You can gain valuable insights from watching the best."

Becoming a midfield maestro is about embracing creativity, seizing opportunities, and making a significant impact on the game. By following these tips from professional midfielders, Technical Director Steve Halls, and CHARS u9 Yellows Head Coach Daniel McMullins, you'll be well on your way to becoming an exceptional midfielder. Keep honing your skills, stay dedicated to your craft, and revel in every moment on the pitch as you continue your journey toward midfield greatness at CHARS Youth FC.


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