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Rallying for Ronnie: A Second Chance at Life

In a heartfelt follow-up to Monday's message, we, the CHARS Youth FC family, continue to extend our sympathies and unwavering support to Ronnie and his loved ones. As we come together during this challenging time, we urge everyone, both within our close-knit community and beyond, to join hands and contribute to Ronnie's journey to recovery.

"We are the family of Ronnie," begins the heartfelt appeal, a testament to the deep bonds forged within our football community. Our hearts were shattered when, on that fateful Monday, October 2nd, Ronnie was doing what he loved most - representing his beloved Hertfordshire district on the football field. With just four minutes left in the game, the unimaginable occurred - Ronnie was struck by lightning, a shocking turn of events that led to a cardiac arrest and a terrifying 30-minute period where his heart stopped beating.

Amidst the chaos and fear, a glimmer of hope emerged through the actions of some incredible individuals. We extend our gratitude to the brave members of the public who immediately administered CPR, providing crucial assistance before the arrival of emergency services. Their quick thinking and selfless actions gave Ronnie the precious gift of a second chance at life.

As we gather our strength to support Ronnie and his family, we remain acutely aware of the long and uncertain road ahead. Ronnie currently rests in an induced coma, under the watchful care of an exceptional team in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). The prognosis remains unclear, and we must prepare for the challenges that lie ahead on his path to recovery.

Ronnie's journey will undoubtedly be arduous, both physically and emotionally, for him and his family. However, we firmly believe that our collective love, support, and generosity can make a significant difference. Every donation, no matter the size, will be immensely appreciated and will play a pivotal role in funding Ronnie's ongoing treatment and rehabilitation.

To contribute to Ronnie's recovery, please visit the GoFundMe page here:-

As a united family, let us rally behind Ronnie, offering him the strength and hope he needs during this challenging time. Together, we can help him embark on the difficult journey ahead and support his family as they navigate the uncertainties of his recovery. Ronnie, you are not alone – we stand by your side, ready to provide the unwavering support and love you deserve.

Steve Halls

Technical Director

CHARS Youth Football Club


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