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Silent Support Weekend: Sat 2nd and Sun 3rd December 2023

🌐 We are proud to announce the return of the Silent Support Weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of December, bringing together local youth leagues across Hertfordshire. Following the success of its trial last season, this initiative aims to provide players with an uninterrupted platform to showcase their football prowess.

🤫 Silent Support Weekend endeavors to create a conducive environment, minimising unnecessary distractions from the sidelines. Our previous pilot events were a resounding success, enabling young players to explore, express themselves, and take command of the game. The primary objective is to enhance the overall football experience for our youth, fostering individual and team improvement.

📈 The positive impact on player development is evident, empowering them to communicate more effectively, support teammates, and make decisions independently. The reduction in external influence during matches allows players to focus on skill development and strategic exploration, contributing to critical thinking enhancement and an enriched playing journey.

👏 Show Your Support with Applause! Throughout the Silent Support Weekend, we kindly request parents and supporters to demonstrate solidarity through applause only. Coaches will continue to provide necessary instructions and support to players, ensuring a balanced and encouraging atmosphere on the sidelines.

🗣️ Prior to this weekend, Karl Lingham, CEO of Hertfordshire FA, emphasised, "Feedback from previous Silent Support Weekends showed clear benefits for young players, who told us they enjoyed matches with less outside interference and a calmer atmosphere on the sidelines, allowing them to focus on playing the game."

👟⚽ Join us in making Silent Support Weekend a celebration of youth football, where the spotlight is solely on the game and the joy it brings to our budding talents!


Best wishes,

Steve Halls

Technical Director


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