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Striking Gold: Tips for Aspiring Young Strikers at CHARS Youth FC

For the young boys at CHARS Youth FC who aspire to be the goal-scoring heroes of their team, becoming a better striker is an exhilarating journey filled with excitement and challenges. Strikers are the ones who make the crowd roar with their goals, and it's a role that demands a unique set of skills. Here are some invaluable tips from professional strikers, CHARS Youth FC's Technical Director Steve Halls (a former striker himself in his youth), and CHARS u9 Attacking Coach Gabriel to help you become an exceptional striker.

1. Master the Basics:

Technical Director Steve Halls emphasises the importance of mastering the fundamentals. "The foundation of striking lies in ball control, dribbling, and finishing," says Steve. "Build a strong base in these skills."

2. Finishing with Precision:

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah highlights the art of finishing. "Work tirelessly on your finishing," he advises. "Practice various types of shots—volleys, headers, and one-on-one situations. Be confident in front of goal."

3. Anticipation and Positioning:

Former Barcelona star Samuel Eto'o stresses the significance of anticipation. "Read the game and position yourself well," he says. "Great strikers are always in the right place at the right time."

4. Movement Off the Ball:

"Sharp off-the-ball movement is crucial," explains CHARS u9 Attacking Coach Gabriel. "Learn to make runs that create space for yourself and your teammates. Confuse defenders with your movement."

5. Hold-Up Play:

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang emphasises the importance of hold-up play. "Learn how to shield the ball, bring others into play, and create scoring opportunities for your team," he advises.

6. Physical Conditioning:

"Maintain your physical fitness," recommends ex Chelsea man Timo Werner. "Speed, strength, and endurance are essential for a striker. A strong work ethic off the ball is just as crucial as on it."

7. Mental Toughness:

"Strikers need mental resilience," says Technical Director Steve Halls. "Stay composed under pressure, have confidence in your abilities, and bounce back from missed chances."

8. Team Player Mindset:

"Remember that you're part of a team," advises Manchester United's Marcus Rashford. "Create chances for your teammates, link up play, and celebrate each other's successes."

9. Learn from the Pros:

"Watch and study the top strikers in the world," suggests Gabriel. "Analyse their movements, decision-making, and positioning. You can gain valuable insights from observing the best."

10. Relentless Work Ethic:

"Strikers should have a relentless work ethic," concludes Steve Halls. "Practice, practice, practice. The more you work on your craft, the better you become."

Becoming an exceptional striker is about seizing opportunities, staying composed in front of goal, and being a reliable source of goals for your team. By following these tips from professional strikers, Technical Director Steve Halls, and CHARS u9 Attacking Coach Gabriel, you'll be well on your way to becoming a goal-scoring sensation. Keep refining your skills, stay dedicated to your craft, and cherish every moment on the pitch as you continue your journey toward striking greatness at CHARS Youth FC.


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