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Tom Haynes: Running for a Cause in the Royal Parks Half Marathon

In the spirit of unwavering support and camaraderie that defines CHARS Youth FC, Tom Haynes, brother-in-law of our remarkable Fixtures Secretary, Paul Lincoln, is gearing up for an incredible challenge. On the 8th of October, Tom will be participating in the Royal Parks Half Marathon, not just as a personal feat but as an opportunity to make a meaningful difference for a noble cause: 'Breast Cancer Now.'

A Noble Cause: 'Breast Cancer Now'

'Breast Cancer Now' is a prominent UK charity dedicated to supporting individuals affected by breast cancer and funding groundbreaking research. Breast cancer is a disease that touches the lives of countless families, and 'Breast Cancer Now' strives to provide vital support to those battling this illness and work towards a future where breast cancer can be prevented, treated, and ultimately defeated.

The charity conducts crucial research, campaigns for better care, and provides support to those living with breast cancer, ensuring that nobody faces this disease alone. Tom Haynes' decision to run the Royal Parks Half Marathon in support of 'Breast Cancer Now' reflects his dedication to making a real impact in the fight against breast cancer.

Paul Lincoln: Praise for Tom's Dedication

Paul Lincoln, CHARS Youth FC's esteemed Fixtures Secretary, commends Tom's initiative. "Tom's decision to run for 'Breast Cancer Now' is truly remarkable," Paul states. "It's inspiring to see our CHARS Youth FC family extending their support beyond the football pitch. Tom's dedication embodies the values we hold dear at our club—compassion, teamwork, and making a difference."

Technical Director Steve Halls: A Message of Support

Technical Director Steve Halls also shares his support for Tom's endeavor. "Tom's commitment to raising funds for 'Breast Cancer Now' is commendable," Steve says. "At CHARS Youth FC, we believe in using our platform to contribute positively to our community and society at large. Tom's actions reflect this ethos, and we stand behind him as he takes on this challenge."

As Tom Haynes laces up his running shoes and prepares to tackle the Royal Parks Half Marathon, he carries not only his own determination but also the collective support of the CHARS Youth FC family. His efforts to raise funds for 'Breast Cancer Now' will undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing fight against breast cancer, bringing hope to those affected and advancing the cause for a world without this disease. We wish Tom the best of luck in his marathon journey, and we are proud to have individuals like him within our CHARS Youth FC community who use their passion and determination to make the world a better place.

If you would like to help Tom then you can make a donation here:-


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