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Player Registration

A helpful guide on completing your CHARS Youth FC Player Registrations.


How to Register

  1. Online Registration Form: Complete our convenient online registration form here. It's quick and easy to fill out, ensuring we have all the necessary details to complete your registration.

    Paper Form: For those wishing to complete a traditional paper form, you can download a copy here.

  2. Registration Fee: The signing-on fee for the season is £150. To secure the child's place, please make the payment payable to your team account, with the child's name clearly stated as the reference. This helps us track payments accurately and efficiently.

  3. Registration Photo: Along with the registration form, we require an up-to-date headshot/passport-style photo of the child. This helps us create player profiles and ensures our records are up-to-date. A clear headshot is essential with nobody in the background and must not be blurry. Photos to be sent to the child's coach please. The coach will then send on to Mark James, our Club Secretary.


  4. If this is your very first registration at CHARS then you will also need to send a clear photo of the child's birth certificate or passport. Again, please send these to your coach and they will forward on to Mark.


Queries and Assistance

Should you have any questions or need assistance with the registration process, our dedicated coaches are here to help. Have a chat with your coach, and they will gladly assist you every step of the way. We're committed to making the registration process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you and the child.

Best regards,

Steve Halls

CHARS Youth Football Club

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